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Connect with Amal

Date: 16 Nov 2021

Location: Weimar Street

Country: Netherlands

Public Event

She seemed to see an elderly woman or man sitting behind every window with a cup of tea. Amal waved. Oh, there’s a woman waving back. Amal waved with both arms. “Hello Grandpa and Grandma, have a nice evening!”

Hagenaar, Hagenees, sand, peat, it doesn’t matter! Amal is a guest in The Hague and everyone can welcome her.

During her visit to the Regentessekwartier, Amal walks from Regentesseplein to Koningsplein. Along the way she discovers the real neighbourhood feeling: warm people, beautiful music and a lively street.

Do you want to let Amal experience the community feeling? Then come to Weimarstraat and contribute to a warm welcome for Amal.

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