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Date: 4 Aug 2021

Local Start Time: 7:45pm

Location: Şehit Polis Metin Tavaslıoğlu Str. & Tabak Str. - Carpouza Café

Country: Turkey

Public Event
Outdoor Event

Little Amal is warmly welcomed in Selçuk-Ephesus by the Balconnection initiative with the support of Efes Selçuk Municipality. Little Amal, who appears in the kindergarten of Selçuk Municipality, in the neighborhood where many musicians live, starts walking with children and musicians who see her.

The rhythm group students of Prof. Dr. İsmail Aka Library, REFES, Erden Dereli, Görkem Çırak, Elif Buran, Azra Günlemeç, Ahmet Başaran, Alina Yıldız joins to experienced musicians Kerim Akgüneş, Kamber Karameşe, Burhan Aslan, Üstün Üstündağ, Tayfun Şeliman. Before the ARAF show, the group performs also in the garden of Cafe Carpouza facing the exhibition area.

ARAF (Purgatory)
On the Ephesus – Selçuk stop, the Balconnection team prepared a multidisciplinary, participatory art project based on not only immigration but also the interrupted migrations and being stuck somewhere in between.

Özgür Ceylan’s art video: “All the Way”; Azadeh Ramezani Tabrizi’s art video: “Arafabad” and with Murat Savaşkan, “Araf”, a collage of audio – installation will be seen. We are grateful for the very valuable contribution of Yeşim Kopan (the sound of the doll in the show) and Sakine Kayhan’s ending lullaby.

We extend our sincere thanks to participating artists and musicians with Balconnection Initiative and the Municipality of Selçuk.

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