A little girl on a BIG journey

Little Amal is the 12 foot puppet of  a 10 year old Syrian refugee child at the heart of The Walk.  She has become a global symbol of human rights, especially those of refugees. 

Since July 2021, Amal has travelled over 9,000km in 13 countries and been welcomed by more than a million people on the street, including hundreds of artists and civil society and faith leaders, as well as by tens of millions online. Her journeys are festivals of art and hope that draw attention to the huge numbers of children fleeing war, violence and persecution, each with their own story. Her urgent message to the world is “Don’t forget about us”.

In June 2023, Amal will visit the Luminato Festival Toronto. She will be welcomed to Toronto by musicians, dancers, children, elders, civic leaders, community organizers, and newcomer and refugee groups who will come together to create a magical journey of art and hope, which everyone is invited to join.

In July 2023, Olavsfest invites all of Norway to Trondheim to welcome Little Amal. She will arrive to Trondheim during the festival’s opening ceremony and participate in a number of events throughout the festival week. Further details will be announced soon.