One little girl. One BIG hope.

Last year Amal, a ten year old refugee, embarked on a remarkable journey that took from the Syrian border across Turkey, across Europe. In search of her mother. To get back to school. To start a new life. Now she takes her next steps…

Amal is a 3.5 meter puppet. From July to November 2021, representing all displaced children, many separated from their families, Amal travelled over 8,000km embodying the urgent message “Don’t forget about us”.

In May 2022, impelled by her own experience of the violence of war, Amal travels to Poland to visit Ukrainian refugee children and refugee families forced to flee from their homes. She brings with her a consignment of urgently needed aid, especially supplies needed by young children.

At a time of unprecedented global change, Amal’s journeys transcend borders, politics and language to tell a new story of shared humanity – and to ensure the world doesn’t forget the millions of displaced children, each with their own potential to enhance the communities in which, as we hope, they will find refuge.

Amal means ‘hope’ in Arabic. There are tens of thousands of Amals, boys as well as girls, who need to find their way into education and to rebuild their lives. In the hope that we can help, we’ve launched The Walk’s Amal Fund, with our colleagues Choose Love.  If you’ve been moved by Amal’s journey please help young refugees like her find a more hopeful future.

Amal in Poland is produced by David Lan, Tracey Seaward and Stephen Daldry for The Walk Productions in association with Handspring Puppet Company and led by Artistic Director Amir Nizar Zuabi.

The Walk 2021 was co-produced with Good Chance.