The Walk Education & Activity Pack

Young people and schools can join in with Amal’s ongoing journey by downloading our Education & Activity Pack.

The pack is created for all young people with learning material and challenge activities to suit different ages. Each challenge is marked with the recommended age group and any material that contains mature themes is flagged at the start of the section. You can also explore our Make With Amal postcards.

“This is one of the best education packs I have come across. It was fantastic to see how engaged the children were.” – Teacher, The Beacon School, UK

Coming soon: Spanish translation

Little Amal’s Themes and Poems

Amal’s Education & Activity Pack explores 6 themes of Amal’s journeys and you can collect our theme badges as you complete each chapter of the pack.  We have created poems reflecting each of Amal’s themes. Why not create your own poems and badges to express what these words mean to you?