Little Amal

A little girl on a BIG journey, Little Amal is the giant puppet of a 10 year old Syrian refugee girl, at the heart of The Walk. 

Where is Little Amal?
Sunday October 2nd
Join us at 5:00pm at St Ann’s Warehouse for one final chance to meet Amal.
Amal’s 2:30pm appearance this afternoon at Atlantic Avenue is cancelled due to weather.

Since July 2021 Amal has travelled over 9,000km across 12 countries representing all children fleeing war, violence and persecution and each with their own story, Little Amal’s urgent message to the world is “Don’t forget about us”.

From September 14 to October 2 Little Amal will be walking through all five boroughs of New York City.

She has become an international symbol of compassion and of human rights. She carries a message of hope for displaced people everywhere, especially children who have been separated from their families.