15 to 21 November

Little Amal heads to Amare

Amare invited Little Amal to visit The Hague from 15 to 21 November 2021 and welcomed her as a special guest at the Open Festival on 19, 20 and 21 November.

“After the immense welcome Little Amal has received from so many thousands of people across the 8000km of The Walk, her visit to The Hague – city of Peace and Justice – is an important next step in the new journey and the new life of Little Amal. As Amare itself begins a new journey and a new life, it is right that Amal should open this new centre of art and welcome.” – Amir Nizar Zuabi

The opening of Amare and Amal’s stay in The Hague were under the direction of theatre maker Ira Judkovskaja, formerly the artistic director at Tryater. Little Amal encountered various organisations and communities in the city from 15 to 21 November.  They received her with workshops, discussions and exhibitions. An extensive educational program was developed for primary and secondary schools.

“With the Open Festival, we want to set the tone for what Amare wishes to be in the years to come: an open house that connects all the cultures in our city through art,” director Jan Zoet says.

“We aim to do that in collaboration with our fellow institutions in this city, with artists and everyone who believes in unity and solidarity. Little Amal’s visit underscores that ambition. Amal is a moving work of art with international appeal, that touches the hearts of all who see her. It’s also a direct plea to give young refugees hope and a future.

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