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Amal and Friends at COP26

Date: 9 Nov 2021

Local Start Time: 13:30

Country: United Kingdom

Public Event

“I really see the value of friendship. Apart from the climate, almost nothing else matters.” – Greta Thunberg


Little Amal will walk across a bridge over the river Clyde, the symbolic midpoint between the COP26 negotiating Blue Zone and the public Green Zone, alongside young climate changemakers from around the world including Luisa Neubauer and Farzana Faruk and members of the MAPA (Most Affected Areas and People) Youth. Moving between borders of a different kind, Amal will walk between these two Zones of power. 



She will be surrounded by the voices of young leaders from the Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition summit, playing out from the riverbank. They will share their climate stories and fragments of the Youth4Climate Manifesto that will have just been presented to the COP26 conference, interwoven with a poem by young Iraqi-American poet Ahmed Badr with sound design by Xana. These voices will remind delegates and the public of the Manifesto’s demands for systematic meaningful youth engagement and urgent equitable climate action as decision makers forge climate policy that will affect the future of generations to come.

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