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Relax with Amal

Date: 17 Nov 2021

Location: Schilderswijk

Country: Netherlands

Public Event

What would my life be like if I had lived here?

“Do you want to experience that?” – asked the Stork.

Gladly! “You would go to school every morning, play with other kids in the afternoons, they make playdates here or pursue hobbies. Singing, playing an instrument, playing sports. And get bored from time to time.”

“Bored… that sounds good to me! Staring out the window, eating something tasty and getting bored. And that you can complain to your mother about that!”


In the Schilderswijk, Amal discovers what the life of children is like in our country. She enjoys the freedom and space to play and relax together with local residents. There will be music by Stadsorkest The Residents and there are sporting and educational activities by Stagehuis Schilderswijk  and Theater De Vaillant.

The activities teach about children’s rights: Every child has the right to rest and free time. In his spare time, a child should be able to play.

Play along with Amal!

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