July to November 2021

Hope is built step by step

Little Amal will travel 8,000km to focus awareness on the refugee crisis.

The Walk is an international arts festival meets endurance event. Little Amal, a 3.5 metre-tall puppet, will walk across the European continent to shine a light on the stories of millions of young refugees. She will travel through 8 countries, welcomed by hundreds of cultural events in cities, towns and villages all along her route. The length and sheer size of the challenge is capturing imaginations even before her first step. She will walk for all the children – many unaccompanied and separated from their families – who are forced to undertake extraordinary journeys under life-threatening conditions. Little Amal will walk so that we don’t forget them.

“At a time when public debate is so polarised, and safe and legal routes for refugees are being closed down, art has a critical role to play in changing the conversation and bringing people together. We hope that The Walk will shed new light on the journeys refugees are forced to take and galvanise support for a world where everyone seeking asylum has access to a safe passage.”

Beth Gardiner-Smith, CEO of Safe Passage


We are working with Julie’s Bicycle and Culture Declares Emergency to develop an approach to an environmentally sustainable journey.

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