Events of welcome

At each stage of Little Amal’s journey she will be welcomed by artistic and cultural events created by and reflective of the communities she visits.

Some of Turkey and Europe’s most celebrated cultural institutions will join refugee artists, humanitarian groups, schools and civic organisations to create celebratory ‘events of welcome’, ranging from nature walks with families leading Little Amal in exploring the countryside, to city-wide festivals and parades.

In each location the community will teach Little Amal – and Little Amal’s international audience – something about themselves. We hope that every encounter with Amal will strengthen the bonds with refugees that already exist as well as, perhaps, suggesting new ways to think about the meaning of ‘community’ and of ‘home’.

Below are just a few examples of the hundreds of events being planned with Friends of Amal. Follow @walkwithamal on social media to stay up to date about ways to join in as the full programme is announced.

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