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Şehir ve Labirenti

Tarih: 2 Sep 2021

yer: Athens

Ülke: Yunanistan

Public Event
Outdoor Event

Alone in an unknown city, a land steeped in legends of the old gods, Little Amal becomes afraid. Which direction should she go in? What if she loses her way forever?

She ties a thread of bright red yarn to a lamp post leaving a trail as she walks through the city. Soon others join her, all holding their own thread of yarn. The whole city will be invited to join her, to create a living, collaborative work of public art. An old myth in a new form led by Kinitiras Network for Performing Arts.

The red yarn procession makes its way through the city centre toward Technopolis where Amal comes face to face with a minotaur, inspired by the bull of Picasso’s Guernica and created by UNIMA Hellas.

Amal’s fear rises and she wishes she could escape but there is no way. She faces the beast. Now the minotaur is afraid of Amal. Can the two negotiate their fear and befriend each other?

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