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Sırtımdaki Ceket

Tarih: 22 Sep 2021

yer: Marseille

Ülke: Fransa

Public Event
Outdoor Event

After a walk through the port and across bridges Ammar al-Beik, a Syrian filmmaker and visual artist based in Marseille, will give Little Amal a jacket beneath the Vieux Port Pavilion, a mirrored canopy at the port of Marseille.

With the help of the community he will dress her in her new jacket which he has designed and sewed in anticipation of her arrival. As Ammar observed during his journey to Europe, the refugee’s jacket is a most prized belonging.

“It is the source of warmth. It is the shield. It is what holds you together.” Ammar al-Beik

As a boy Ammar spent his days at his Uncle’s tailor shop in Damascus. For him creating a jacket is a return to his beloved Damascus.

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